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New Release ‘Sun Come Shine’!

Robyn Habel’s third solo Album ‘Sun Come Shine’ is out now.

‘Sun Come Shine’ is a sonic adventure. Bursting with pop hooks & naked lyrics, its cool retro vibe makes it an album that can be enjoyed on first listen & re-discovered with every spin.

The 14 tracks on ‘Sun Come Shine’ were recorded over 18 days with producer Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios, Sydney. Performing on the album are Robyn Habel, Michael Carpenter, David Telfer & Jadey O’Regan. As Michael is the proud owner of over 25 guitars, the album boasts an array of guitar & bass sounds, as well as rare & vintage instruments including the mellotron, marxophone, omnichord, Hammond & harmonium. ‘Sun Come Shine’ is a sumptuous feast for the ears.


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